Black Hole

Black Hole     1976


Janie was a little girl

who didn't have no money

an' Susie was the girl who had it all

Janie's life a shadow

where only dreams were sunny

but Susie let it show she had a ball

But Janie found a lover

who haunted Susie's soul

was pullin' Susie closer,

to the black hole

give her some space....





Now Janie got a letter sayin'

somebody was dyin'

and Janie had to leave her lover free

Susie couldn't wait a night,

she didn't bother tryin'

and Janie's lover couldn't let her be

But Janie was a dreamer,

she saw what Susie stole

that train was pullin' Janie

through the black hole

oh give her some space....





Now Janie got diminished


They left her mind to wander,

alone endlessly

so give her some space....