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Benny Half Track  ( and the Lame Excuse )     ( 1977 )


I used to watch Benny lookin' out at the world through a rose coloured light show

The money was poor, but the feelin' was more than money could buy

Eight pounds a man, less tax to the van and ten to the P.A.

The agent's gone spent his ten per cent, he's askin' for twenty five...

























Benny Half Track & The Lame Excuse never made it

though they made McCormack smile for more than half their years

Benny Half Track & The Lame Excuse kinda faded

and now pain's the name of the game as their star disappears.....


I used to hear Benny say there's nothin' to life without any music

and Benny would hide out until he could bring us another song

They're still on the circuit, I saw them last night and wish I had missed it

The music was nowhere, and Benny was gettin' the words all wrong


Benny Half Track & The Lame Excuse never made it.....


Brian at 50 by Alistair Watt