Alice Christie   ( 1991 )


A frightened wee face, familiar scenes changing

the river it widens, her world rearranging

somewhere her mother and father have gone

she won't talk to strangers and her ship sails on


Her thoughts we can guess at, the panic we know

for we've all lost that warm hand for an hour or so

but time takes her further and dusk makes her hide

till gentle eyes find her on the firth of clyde


Alice Christie you crossed the lines

you survived through uncertain times

finding love and believing came easy as breathing

from catholic seed to this tree of life

from yourself to Christina Fyfe

May the child of the river inspire us forever


She grows and there's one face she has to find

her basket is heavy but John Fyfe is kind

Words turn to promises and love keeps her warm

till home from the ocean he is safe from the storm


The years bring their harvest, flowers fall in her lap

three sons for Mam, five new stars for Pap

and new generations know although she has gone

Alice is watching and her ship sails on