Achnatra   ( 1993 )


I stop to look around

and you're the survivor

so here I am, one other face

You witness all our hard times and

when the smiles and tears have gone

seems there will always be the place

When were there never faces

except for the wild things

the time before you had a name

I'd like to stand beside you

when land and water breathed as one

but that may never come again


Achnatra, I love your life

I need your space, your peace of mind

Achnatra, will I come home

the restless dreams have almost gone....


You saw the people passing

when life was timeless

I think you silently approved

You watch me keep my distance

it's you who made me strong and free

now unafraid, the world can drift away

it's all been said


Achnatra, I love your life....